Ege University School of Foreign Languages

The Curriculum Development & Coordination Unit carries out work related to the design and implementation of the English Preparatory class program and evaluates its effectiveness. In this respect, the unit investigates different aspects of the program, identifies constraints related to the implementation of the program and proposes solutions for the improvement areas. The Curriculum Development Unit & Coordination is comprised of four members who are responsible for all courses of all levels in the program.

The exam coordinator plans, organizes and coordinates all the activities related to the examination procedures in the English Unit. The main responsibilities of the exam coordinator are as follows:

– assuring that the exam regulations are respected and the security measures are in place in the production, implementation, evaluation and assessment processes,
– organizing working schedules for the exam processes,
– participating in the production stage by reviewing the exams and giving feedback on them,
– coordinating the printing, distribution, storage and delivery of the exam papers,
– preparing exam schedules, timetables, instructions, guidelines and allocation of exam points; and distributing them to the instructors and the students,
– preparing the proctor lists, evaluation team lists; and distributing them to the instructors,
– ensuring appropriate exam rooms are maintained,
– ensuring a suitable exam environment is set for students with special needs,
– conducting exam meetings,
– acting as a source of information about all the examination procedures and finding practical solutions for the unanticipated situations,
– re-evaluating writing exam papers with a commission if students raise an objection to their mark in the legal period.

IT unit manages the process of technical and educational digitalization of School of Foreign Languages. The responsibilities of this unit are as follows:

– Providing technical support in classrooms to academic personnel
– Installing educational softwares of course books on classroom computers
– Following periodical maintenance of classroom computers
– Updating school’s official website
– Managing school’s official social network pages
– Managing e-mail network of all instructors
– Creating online forms for academic purposes

Ege University School of Foreign Languages English Preparatory Class Programme was accredited by EDEXCEL in December 2013, and continues its studies with Pearson Assured. The Accreditation Committee is responsible for conducting studies regarding the accreditation process. This Committee improves the quality standards at School of Foreign Languages and it aims to enhance the stakeholders’ benefits in various ways. The Accreditation Committee works to develop, establish and maintain quality standards for English language provision delivered in the School of Foreign Languages.
Accreditation is an affirmation and empowerment to obtain a distinguished character and identity and a seal of approval in which actions are taken to improve quality and success. The unit conducts the activities which help to reach the international standards in coordination with other units. Pearson Assured accords recognition to our School which can demonstrate that our programmes meet acceptable standards and that it has in place effective systems to ensure the quality and continuing improvement of its academic activities.
The Committee holds the following responsibilities: being in communication with other units to improve the quality, keeping the records of all educational processes, designing and updating the organisation chart in accordance with the mission and vision of the School, writing and updating Student / Instructor Handbook, designing the Quality Manual, creating a communication plan to inform and engage the school staff, working together with the key stakeholders to develop an action plan for the improvement areas in the school system, monitoring all activities and projects initiated as part of the action plan, gathering documents for obtaining data and information for the self-study report, creating a site-visit plan for hosting the evaluation visiting team, collecting CVs of instructors for systemizing studies related to teacher development, determining the needs of the school buildings with Civil Defence Unit, contributing in the writing process of the procedures and policies of School of Foreign Languages, preparing documents to be submitted to Pearson Assured.

Professional Development Unit is responsible for providing in-service support and development to meet instructors’ professional learning needs and improve student learning.

With the aim of improving the quality of teaching and student learning, we seek to provide opportunities to update our knowledge, skills, attitudes and approaches in light of the development of new teaching techniques and objectives, new circumstances and new educational research; and to exchange information and expertise among instructors.

Material Development Unit and Teachers’ Resource Centre is a unit of Ege University School of Foreign Languages which provides and develops classroom materials, activities and revision tests. The prior aim of the unit is to develop and support teaching and learning materials in digital and print formats on pedagogical levels both for instructors and learners. As instructors observe the learners’ performance, they can obtain more EFL materials, from the centre, to support students’ learning.

Project Centre is mainly involved in conducting national and international projects on behalf of Ege University School of Foreign Languages both as a coordinator and partner organisation.
Specifically, Project Centre contributes to coordination of youth exchange and training projects in the frame of Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme with support of its two youth trainers.
Ege University School of Foreign Languages serves to youths through various extra curricular activities, most of which are organised by its Project Centre. The Centre has a large youth group named Ege Youth Team. Project Centre mainly aims at developing youths’ competence and knowledge by channeling their potential into project work. To this end, the Centre offers project classes where youths are given educational and technical support to produce their own youth projects . Beside educational counselling, these project groups are also given guidance through their journey into active citizenship on specific themes related to their field of interests. This includes arrangement of study visits, field trips, questionnaires, etc. to non-profit organisations actively working in İzmir. We also attach utmost importance to cooperation with other youth associations and cultural associations and pay special effort to get youths together with these organisations to raise their awareness about active citizenship, leadership, initiative work, multiculturalism, European identity, Intercultural relationships. In addition, Project Centre greatly benefits from social media and holds meetings to inform young people about the educational tools and employment opportunities available in the European Union. To this end, it is at the core of our work area that we cooperate with Eurodesk Contact Points in Izmir and we help to organize training facilities and events like seminars, workshops, conferences through which we introduce young people to learning tools available in Europe. All in all, Ege University School of Foreign Languages Project Centre aims at educating and encouraging youths in the community to be actively involved, gain confidence, have a mutual understanding of different cultures and develop solidarity and tolerance of social cohesion in the European Union.

Student Support Unit was set up by the vice-principal, Şule Ar and the instructors working at Ege University, School of Foreign Languages with the aim of supporting students by all means as of 2015-2106 academic year. The center is located on the first floor of the School, opposite the main building. The Unit’s main aim is to help students go through an ongoing orientation programme before they start their departments. With this aim, the unit plans and carries out an orientation programme, thanks to the instructors working at the School and at different departments. The unit also assists students in extra-cirrucular activities such as student clubs, quiz night shows.

Ege University School of Foreign Languages has been offering language programs since 1997. At first, only Basic English courses were opened for prospective graduate students. However, now we offer a wide range of courses tailored not only for graduates, but also for undergraduates and private student groups.

The target group of the courses is university students, academic personnel, personnel from public and private enterprises, housewives and everybody who wants to expand their knowledge of languages for a more qualified life and work.

Foreign Languages Department offers the following courses:

– YDS (Foreign Language Exam)

Joint Compulsory English Unit is responsible to prepare YABDIL-I and II course programme. The unit also monitors the educational process throughout the academic year.