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Ege University School of Foreign Languages founded under a directorate from the university rector in 1963, the Ege University Department of Foreign Languages was reconstructed as the School of Foreign Languages in 2010.

The goal of School of Foreign Languages is to use the latest teaching approaches and methodologies to educate students to be fluent in the foreign language they need for their faculty studies and to do so in a modern safe environment. The school has an active staff development that ensures that teaching staff meet the educational needs of students.

Ege University School of Foreign Languages aims to become equal in quality to the worldwide Foreign Languages Schools of qualified Universities.

The school has 180 instructors 2 of whom are native speakers of English, other staff and nearly 8 000 students. The school offers English preparatory classes to new students whose departments require compulsory preparatory language education. In addition, new students who se departments do not require compulsory preparatory education may also enrol in the school and receive a one – year English education. Since 2016, a quota has been determined for those students to be able to become the students at preparatory school. Thus, if the students whose departments do not require compulsory preparatory education prefers to take that education, they apply for that and are evaluated based on some predetermined criteria. A specific number of students from each department can be accepted as preparatory school student. The school also supports service English classes in faculties, departments and vocational schools.

Every classroom in the school is equipped with projection machines, computers and audio equipment. Curriculum Development Unit, Professional Development Unit, Testing Unit, Accreditation Unit, Project Unit, Private Courses Unit, Information Technologies Unit, Joint Compulsory English Courses Unit, Materials Development Unit, Supplying and Cataloguing and Student Support Unit serve as crucial components of the school. The School Project Centre arranges teachers’ and students’ participation in projects and programs sponsored by the European Union.

The School of Foreign Languages English Preparatory Class Program obtained the quality kite mark of Pearson Assured in November 2013. Aiming at continuous quality improvement in education, all aspects of the school system are regularly reviewed; measures and actions are taken to ensure the quality standards within the quality management system set in the school. On successful completion of the academic year, students will obtain a Pearson Assured certificate.

In 2015, School of Foreign Languages developed a Project on “Blended Learning” in cooperation with The Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies. In addition, two “Book Vending Machines” have been provided through “BAP (Scientific research Project)” and the students can buy English stories at different levels from the machines.

Through the coordination of Private Courses Unit, the school offers the following courses: General English Course, Preparation for YDS, Preparation for TOEFL, English Conversation Club, Translation Course, German Course, French Course, Japanese Course, Italian Course, Spanish Course. These courses are open to university academic staff, graduate students, doctorate students and to those who wish to learn a foreign language for a particular purpose. The school also cooperates with EGESEM and provides courses such as Business English, Kids’ Club for children aged 4 – 6, Junior Club for children aged 8 – 11.

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